Vicky Pollard

Vicky Pollard

An exaggerated caricature of a teenage chav who, when challenged about something, comes up with gossip that has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever predicament she is in at the time.

Vicky Pollard went to school in the first and second series. In the first series, she was accused of shoplifting, became pregnant (and sold the baby for a Westlife CD) and was sentenced to borstal where she bit someone called Jackie (a counterpart of Vicky played by Walliams). In the second series, she stole from a supermarket and smoked on a bus. In the last series, she was hired to babysit and had a wild party in the house while the parents were away.

In Little Britain Abroad she was shut in a Thai prison and her mother (played by Dawn French) made an appearance in court.

Catchphrases: "Yeah, but, no, but.." "Or summing, or nuffing.." "SHUT up!" "Dis whole fing happened wha' I don' even know nuffing about." "I a'n't done nuffing or nuffing!" "Don't go giving me evils!" "'Cos wha' 'appened was.." "Oh my God! I so can't believe you said that!"


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