Maggie Blackamoor and Judy Pike

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Maggie and Judy are two ladies from the Women's Institute who work at different voluntary or charitable events. They keenly partake in refreshments provided by their hosts, but when informed that anyone involved in its preparation is either from a non-white ethnic background, has no home or is not entirely heterosexual, Maggie proceeds to vomit copiously, often on someone else, as Judy looks on, horrified.

These displays of racism/sexism etc. however, are contradicted when Maggie and Judy holiday together and Maggie suggests that they kiss. This suggestion causes Judy to take on Maggie's role of vomiting.

The National Federation of Women's Institutes objected to this depiction and the BBC agreed to replace the Women's Institute logo and change the dialogue in subsequent showings of the programme.

Series 3 showed them in a variety of different locations instead of the usual village fairs or church events, such as Maggie visiting Judy at home and Maggie recovering in hospital after a kidney transplant.

Catchphrases: (Vomits)


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