Marjorie Dawes

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Marjorie Dawes is a woman who runs a weight loss club called 'Fat Fighters'. In the pilot episode she introduced a 13-year-old boy to her group and she is known for being incredibly rude to all the people in her life, be they in the group or not.

In Series Two a guest appearance from Vanessa Feltz led to Marjorie spitting on her. She also cut Pat's hair when she said that there was chocolate eclair cream in it and in Series Three there was a guest appearance from Derek Martin who plays Charlie Slater in EastEnders. At the end of this series the Fat Fighters members left the group in masse after finally growing tired of Marjorie's constant vindictive comments.

Marjorie apppeared in Little Britain abroad, where she was arrested by a local sheriff because of her rudeness.

Catchphrases: "Oh man I love the cake!" "Dust? Anybody? No? Dust?"


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