Lou & Andy

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Andy is in a wheelchair, and Lou, his carer, looks after him with great devotion. However, Andy is not really disabled at all; he is only pretending to be to exploit Lou.

Lou and Andy sketches follow two common patterns: Andy has Lou go through some great hassle for him (such as carrying his wheelchair up flights of steps), and then Lou is required to leave for a few moments, during which time Andy gets out of his chair and does something that a disabled person would be unable to do. The second pattern is that Andy makes an arbitrary decision about something, in spite of Lou's best advice that it's a bad choice, then after Lou has committed to the decision Andy changes his mind.

In Series Three Lou went to his Dad's funeral in the Isle of Wight, so a strict careworker called Mrs Mead played by Imelda Staunton came to look after him. His tricks no longer worked on her, so (at the end of the series) Andy murders her in order to get Lou back.

Catchphrases: "I want that one!" "I don't like it!"

Source: wikipedia.org

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