Sir Bernard Chumley
Sir Bernard Chumley is a faded actor who looks after his sister Kitty, who is disabled after an accident. Bernard is adamant that he isn't responsible for her disability, often telling guests of his innocence even though no-one asks. In the first sketch that he appears in, Bernard invites a young actor over to his flat, who has written to him. He then attempts to seduce him, implying that he is a homosexual. This is supported by the fact that he has many photographs of young male actors stuck to his wall. Throughout this sketch, he offers the young man various foods. He also says that he found the incident in which his sister lost the use of her legs amusing, and insists that he didn't cause the accident. In one sketch, he is visited by meals on wheels, who are bringing Kitty her dinner, and after being asked questions about how Kitty liked the food, he replies in the first person before adding: "Kitty said" or "she added". Then we see him eating the food that had been left for Kitty. The character of Chumley is probably the oldest Little Britain character, having appeared in a live-stage show in the early 90s , his own six-part television series in the late 90s, and a cameo in Shooting Stars.

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