Des Kaye
Des Kaye is a rejected children's TV host who works in a DIY store. He is often seen annoying the other members of staff with his puppet (called Croc-O-Dile) and his frequent sayings of "Wicky Woo". He is thought to be a spoof of Timmy Mallett. The Series 1 DVD contains a deleted scene showing Des visiting a children's hospital and accidentally unplugging a patient's life support machine while trying to play some cheerful music on a tape recorder. He appears on the radio series and in the Little Britain live stage show. According to the Radio Series, he was sacked from his "Fun Bus" show because of gross indecency - "Are you telling me you've never had a wank in the toilet?" Catchphrase: "Wicky Woo!" "Top of the morning where's me breakfast" (Croc-O-Dile)

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