Emily Howard

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Emily is an awkwardly obvious transvestite in denial. (Although described on the show as a transvestite, she is seen several times to be living permanently as a woman - including arranging her house to look feminine - and thus she may in fact be a transsexual.)

Rather than trying to look like a modern woman, 'Emily' prefers the outdated frocks of Victorian times, which only enhances her 'maleness'. Most sketches involving Emily revolve around her either performing a stereotypically male behaviour (such as fixing a car or playing football) in spite of her appearance, or her exaggerated attempts to persuade others that she is a woman and to allow her to perform exclusively female behaviour (eg, entering a women's changing room).

In the first Series, Emily met a school friend, who remembers her real name as Eddie Howard. In the second series Emily has her best friend, "Florence Rose" with her; "Florence" is another transvestite who, in spite of being a man with a moustache, pretends to be a 15-year-old girl. In the third Series it shows Florence as a man for the first time.

Catchphrase: "I'm a lady! That's what I am, a lady!"

Source: wikipedia.org

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