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Ewa Ulatowska
Guys you're simply the best! I love the sense of humor you represent... My favourite characters are Sebastian and Carol haha, but I always die laughing while watching everything you star in. Greetings from Poland! Keep up the great work - you're fantastic! My dream is to see you live...maybe some day? e.
Hey i say to beginn sorry for my bad english! David and Matt are my favourite actress(is this right?) its my wish to meet with someone of you!
you guys are quite possibly the funniest duo that i have ever seen. i have to admit that when my cousin first tried to get me to watch you guys, i just couldnt get into it but after a while i got tired of her telling me how funny you guys were and so i just decided to watch and see for myself. you are awesome. i never thought a person could laugh so hard at the television.keep doing your thing and i will continue to watch! your friend from across the pond, michelle!
A Girl from Germany
Hey Guys, i just wanna say that i'm a huge fan of your show. I Have all Seasons on DVD and cant get enough of it :) hope that u will never stop. Sorry for my bad english..Anyway, have a nice day/week. Greets from germany PS: i almost died, when i watched your live dvd today :D
Hi David and Matt! My name is Claire- I'm from the Philippines and am a HUGE fan of Little Britain, the characters crack me up every 5 seconds :D You guys are awesome. I hope to meet you one day! I love you Matttt =>
Christian Hintzsche Germany
I'm a very big fan of your show. i really like it. I hope you do many seasons in the future. I watch your show everyday its on tv with my boyfriend and we are loughing very often.
Lukas A CZ
I love your show, I love this type of humour. You must be crazy guys, like me and my friend. We've done many crazy things in public (Walking backward in the city etc.) I wish you have more and more crazy brainwaves. Lukas from Czech Republic
Claudette van den Berg
Hello, Just love your show......... Just wondering... Dave, are you single and hopefully not gay? Kind regards, claudette100@hotmail.com
waiting for little britain the movie
waiting for little britain the movie
Katharina or kadda
i am german but i hope you understand me xD i love you guys or gays (joke) LB is the best comedy !!!!!
Katharina or Kadda
Cricket Lee
My ex turned me onto Little Britain in the spring. Since then I have introduced many people and have made watching a few skits my nightcap before going to bed every nite. You guys are so brilliant and I love everything you do. Please do more!!!!!
Charlotte (LB FOR LIFE!)
OMG I LOVELOVELOVELOVEEEEE LITTLE BRITAIN, MATT AND DAVID ARE MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE ON TV LIKE EVER! They are sooooo funny, and one day I hope to meet them!!! With love from me! :D xx
!Omg! even though im irish i still love some little britain... And..David and Matt are the two most funniest guys on earth..=) I adore them in every way possible Amber xxx
Ha ha you're sweet and... sexy ;)
I absolutely LOVE Little Britain! I have Little Britain Series 1-3, Little Britain USA, Inside Little Britain (Autobiography), Little Britain T Shirt, Little Britain Live/Abroad and Little Britain The Game. I'm so upset that you're not doing any more episodes. You did perform Little Britain in Australia, it's a shame you didn't come to NZ. But anyway, please keep us updating on anything else you're in, because you're both really awesome actors! And congratulations for being immortalised in Madame Tussauds. You really deserve it. You should be knighted though! That's what I think anyway. Keep up the great work! :)
I`m fifty years old and I love L.B. My favourite is Vicky :-)
Damn, David looks good as a red head.
Corin Lucas
I'm an American, by the way. Don't hold that against me. :)
Corin Lucas
I'm a Little Britain (Matt Lucas, no relation and David Walliams) newcomer and just saw Little Britain in America on HBO. It was hilarious. Brilliant! I don't get BBC anymore and that is a shame so I have to get my BBC fixes wherever I can and this hit the spot. Smartly done and just a hint of over-the-top.
Dace Kresa
I just love Little Britain it is my opsession and David Walliams is so charming and handsome! I am so sad because I won't ever see them because I'm just a 1 fan of thousands or even millions. I think they are brilliant and funny and really good men who wants to just make people happy. I love them! Dace from Latvia.
Little Britain is the best impression of Vicky. u know the one when she goes oh my god i soo can't believe u just said that. But I love daphid 2. he rocks. all gays rock. i know this guy charlie who is in year 5 and he is soo gay it is amazing

We in Germany love Your Show - You are so awesome - Thank You for Your good Job!
Greeeeeetings from Germany! We love you! Little Britain 4ever:D
hello, oh i love little britain, its cooool
inge lestari
greetings from indonesia ( the country with 5 big islands, feel free to check the globe if you have no idea where is it, or to make it simple, the country which BALI is a part of it) i just wanna say, although not too many people in indonesia got your comedy, but 'yours truly' is a big fan! to david : you're gorgeous to matt : love your line about "success" it's inspiring :) keep up the good work and stay as you are no matter how in high level you guys in. big love! inge_lestariee@yahoo.com
David and Matt, you are great! I love your shows and I am looking for new ones however I still giggle over the old series. As a lady I find it most amusing... :) Kisses for David!
Hey I am from Germany and Little Britain is really cool. I love it
higuys, every sunday evening on german TV (Comedy Central) I enjoy "Little Britain" and ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL :-))) esp. Andy & Lou. GREAT SHOW
guys, your awesome
Silvia y Juanlu
Little Britain is so amazing. Here in germany we love it so much. Emily Howard is my favorite :D
Little Britain is so amazing. Here in germany we love it so much. Emily Howard is my favorite :D
hey i look little britain in germany and i love it...very nice show...best greetz from germany
David, you are such a sexy goddess. I even thought about crossing the bridges, pulling down me pants and push it for the extra touch in negligees .... eh ... but na ... I jus' stick watching your show and keep laughing at the queers, straights and those who dont want to understand a nuttin'. LUV IT. BRILLIANT! THANKS SO MUCH!
sara j bagg
How refreshing
we here in germany LOVE you so much....you're great.... :> LOVE......piLLy
marzia p
They both are great!Thank you for you beautiful work.. Waiting for new episodes!
My boyfriend and I love love LOVE Little Britain. It is such a refreshingly hilarious show! We own all three seasons! From your fans in Vancouver, BC Canada!
Katey Dora
I want to marry you both. Come to Virginia so I can marry the both of you. Simultaneously. In one big ceremony. In a circus tent that's decked out like a catholic church. We'll have ice sculptures and candy and miniature wind-up toys and we'll all get ridiculously drunk and pass out before anything gets consummated.
Liz Fleiss
i've loved your acting, your characters and your humor since i first started watching your show 2 years ago. clever, witty, outrageous, wild and gross!!! i can't get enough. keep em coming!
We love ur show in San Francisco and thank you for the laughs. We only knew of the show from HBO but now we are in a mad panic to get every DVD possible; of all the shows!
I love the show, it is so funny and I faithfuly watch it all the time. From Little Britian Fan in Alberta Canada
Please come and film in San Francisco; there are a million reasons to do so....hello?.....San Francisco?
i want a fourth season of little britain
Sarah Mackintosh
Hello to my adored ones. I work for a cosmetics company. I will write soon. Happy Xmas.
I love Matt Lucas and I am a woman and I love their show, it is well know here in Germany. Greetings, biggest Matt-fan ;)
I love your show "more than cumshots" !
Oh My God! your show is great! the way you play these characters so faithful to detail and and how the typical statements fit to reality, nevertheless! no matter whether i watch your show the first or the fifth time, i could die of laughter... "aber ja, aber nein, aber ja, aber nein..."=) first class!
Oh My God! your show is great! the way you play these characters so faithful to detail and and how the typical statements fit to reality, nevertheless! no matter whether i watch your show the first or the fifth time, i could die of laughter... "aber ja, aber nein, aber ja, aber nein..."=) first class!
Ingo from Germany
"Andy, this is the nice homepage I was tellin' you about!" "Yeah, I know!" "So, what do you reckon?" "I don't like it! There's no Monster Trucks!" "But you always said that Mr. Walliams and Mr. Lucas are the funniest people you've ever seen and that their kind of humor is like the missing fragment of a lost Platonic dialogue!" "Yeah, I know. Stop paraphrasing me!"
Little Britain,Anybody,No?Little Britain,Anybody, No?Little Britain,Anybody,No? Well its actualy very amazing so you MUST watch as much Little Britain as can.
i LOVE little britain!
George Stubbert
This Show is the best, too bad we dont get more of your shows here in Canada, on showcase. Keep up the great work guys. Sometimes me and my buddy end up having sore stomachs from laughter. Just love you guys. The only way we get to watch you guys is on a website called youtube. Thanks for the entertainment. George
When Vicky gets thrown in a thai jail is my favourite scene of your show. Her mother is so nice , 10 years for Vicky and 20 for her, nice !!!
I love this guy who plays on his flute ! But all the characters are very funny, too. Matt Lucas is the best entertainer ever !
This is great I love all of your episodes!

hi guys just came by to say that I love your shows. lou and andy are my favorites. thats the kind of humor I like. keep up the good work.
What a kerfuffle to find this fansite !!!
Little Britain kicks ass !!! ( Yeah... I know! )
ann is so wunderful.

Sebastian is so gay and funny. I lov your show its a must for me to see lil` britain. I wish good luck guys. Greetings from Germany ( Yeah... I know! )
greatest LB Fan
Lou & Andy is the biggest comedy ever. tHE SCOTTISH GUY in the castle is also good. But the other characters too.
Tanja Buchwald
I love David and Matt sooooooooooo much.....Thanks so much,to bring joy in my Life,your Fan,Tanja from Germany
Great show, the best since Monty Pythons
Yes. My favourite is when Vickie wants backstage !
LB is the best
Bubbles is fat and unpretty, bad I loved her so much . The scene where she is completely naked in the supermarket is my favourite. ------ Chris from Germany -------
Your show is great . I love them so much when Meera say anything and Marjorie say "What?" But the other fat fighters had understand what she says . The other characters are also cool ! Especially Lou & Andy . You should make more new episodes . Greetings from Germany
sid pegg
Yeah ... I know ! This is my favourite sentence

Little Britain is the funniest Comedy Show ever ! I like this scottish man in the castle but why had you stop the show . Have you any other shows on UK T.V. ?
sam parkin
Well done , guys . I love your show . Vickie Pollard gets thrown in a thai jail is my favourite ! Her mother is the best
larissa p.
i love little britain ! it's so awsome ... i watch it every time that i can ^^ i'm from german and i would wish that you guys come to german an make a wonderful live show here =) i would came to this ... and many of my friends, too ^^ so goodbye ... oh ... i love andy and lou =)
Tracy Pratt
I have never been so impressed and in awe of two people in my life! Your enormous talent and absolutely loveable characters will stay with me always. We love ya'll here in Atlanta! We laugh until we pee our pants every chance we get-we tivo ya'll and watch it over and over and over!!! Thank you so much for making life better for all of us! :)
oh I nearly forgot, I watch your show as often as possible and lots of my friends are great fans of you too! David, Matt-I love you!
I love little britain!!!!! You're so great!!! All the best from austria
Mister Mega
Greetings from Germany. Little Britain is one of the highlights in the German TV. David and Mr. Head: Sebastian and PM skechtes are fantastic.
I'm from Germany. Little Britain is sooo funny !!!!! I love it !
sry, with your work
so please go on with !!!
many greetings from germany
many greetings from germany
Hi David, happy birthday and lots of luck! Wish you love and happiness! Greetings from Germany
luv lil britain it's so funny i hope they do a christmas special!!! it's wicked!
Ooooops!!!! What means Ooooops!!!! Where are YOU from honey!
Ooops - lots of Germans here. Well anyway - my compliments to your show which is available on TV here since a few months! Andy is our hero!!!!

I am from Germany and love your show. You are both great but I LOVE DAVID!!!!!
June Terell
I love your show! You are very good synchronised here in Germany. Keep it up!
mrs. walliams
I`d like to marry david walliams
I think the Fanlist is "conquered" by us Germans :))) Greetings to the fans all over the world! We have a damned good sense of humor ;) A BIG thanxs to Matt & David for making us laugh!
Hi guys... another BIG , HUGE, ENORMOUS fan from australia. I hope to see more of you guys fingers crossed there is another series... Also, would love to see a re-vamped series of rock profiles. Keep making the world laugh... Much luv Julez AUS
Sorry, i mean matt and david....*lol*
Hy Matt and Lucas!! I come from austria and you also have a lot of fans there. I love your show and I watch it as often as possible. All the best, Steffi
bo Sarah
Little Britain is the best show i have ever seen! you are the coolest men of the world ♥ go on like that! ...sorry for this bad english, but i am from germany and i am in class 9...i think my english teacher is not so good ;-) greetings from germany sarah
Little Britain rocks! :D I love Carol Beer's "Computer says no"... haha :P
Robert Lindemann
hi... I'm from germany and i really love your show. It's so funny. In germany it would be impossible to make such a show about minorities, because of our backround. Robert www.robertfoto.de
great characters, great show. i love it. best on sunday evening. i'm a lady!
Greetings to everybody who loves Litte Britain as much as I do! It`s more than TV!
david s
smart show. i love it. Will never forget your show, andy pipkin is my favourite, boys.
newcastle united!
Bring more lou & andy scenes, please. Great stuff, guys.
david s
smart show. i love it. Will never forget your show, andy pipkin is my favourite, boys.
david s
smart show. i love it. Will never forget your show, andy pipkin is my favourite, boys.
Well, as I see, there are many fans from germany :) Just cant wait to see little britain usa! you have to come to germany, guys, youre brilliant! greetings from germany!
Hi Matt and David. I really LOVE LB. I'm from Germany and watch it everytime. I wait for...Yeah, I know!
I can't stop laughing XD greetings from germany
birgit from germany
wow, i love the characters of this show. mostly vicky and the fat fighters. oh i love them all. thanks david and matt. you are sooo great. greetings from a true fan from germany.
Great Auch ich sage es auf Deutsch/German.... ich Liebe diese Sendung!!! Boys..... wonderfull!!!
Greetings from Aachen. i love going to Britain and spend my holidays there... and your show is so you.This is Britain. So individual and crazy. I love it to bits. Great work ... great artists. Fav character : Carol Beer ;) Please don't stop LB..i'm really looking forward for your new series. LB 's cool .... Lovies, Kata <3
me to the second... please make moore scetches of the FAT FIGHTERS, I like them the most. Now, I go to close Julian
I am from Germany and a really big fan of David and Matt. They are good comedians and actors. Hey , you two, you are doing a great job. ;) greetings, your biggest fan in Germany, Julian
I love David Walliams !!!!!!!!
Hey, little britain is so funny
little britain is the greatest comedy show i have ever seen. u r really great!!!
i saw the show for the first time 2 months ago as i could not recieve comedy central where i live. i immediately got a total addict. if i knew it was possible i would wish u to get better. but i cannot imagine that. and david, if u read this: marry me coz i love you! serious. betty from bavaria
mr. nieroop
Hi guys I love your show you should make more episodes. Fat Fighters are so real and fantastic especially meera... But all the other characters are great , too . But I can see your show only on German television comedy central I cannot speak German so good but I understand your jokes! ---- Mr. David van Nieroop from middelburg , netherlands
nice show i love all characters but the scenes with that guy who came into the library store is the funniest comedy i had ever seen . Make more episodes, i wish you luck , Jeppe Kjelstrup-Lavrsen from esbjerg, denmark.

nice show i love all characters but the scenes with that guy who came into the library store is the funniest comedy i had ever seen . Make more episodes, i wish you luck , Jeppe Kjelstrup-Lavrsen from esbjerg, denmark.
Little britain is such a cool thing, i've never laughed like this before!!! great stuff!!! :-)
Hey .... you both are great ! I like the show so much ! Many many greetings from germans Petra :-)
Hi! LOVE the show and LOVE Walliams and Lucas xo
Best regards from Germany... love you so much! You had such a great idea with this show. Go on! Kisses
I've discovered 'Little Britain' a few weeks ago and I'm already a huge fan! Love you Matt & David! What about the next season?
john cheese
super great crates from da comedy plate except da gay bitz not good for bed time story watching wi my girlfriend while listenin to ragga anywayz, my favourites: * andy n lou * carol beer * daniel 'lookintomyeyes' craiggg * miscellaneous shop with james last banjo records and stuff * vicky 'yeahbutnobutyeah' pollard and please don't ban youtube clips ever ha ha ha :)
Stefanie Ponto
hi i'm from Belgium and i'm really enjoying this little show called Little Britian. my favourite characters are Sebastian, Lou and Andy and Emily Howard. David Walliams and Matt Lucas are real geniuses to me and i love and respect them for it and thank them for bringing the people such an exordinary entertainment! Respect! Thank You!!!!! ps : david is HOOOOT!!!!
I love your work - need more!
Andy we love you
Lipki , Braunschweig
Thas right ! I come from germany too and i can only say little britan is the best i ever the on Tv great actors really great i love it please make more please ...... greetings from Germany
alex & doreen
hi! we wrote you from germany and we love little britain! yesterday we bought the 1 dvd and its really great! we hope you make more!!!
Rebecka Almond
Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to see you both on another Little Britain Series soon! Kisses xxx
I LOVE THIS SHOW SOOOO MUCH :] It is soooo funny! I watch it all the time!! I have series 1 & 3 and I know them off by heart! xxxxx
Richard Hoffmann
Annett Schuster
Hi, we are the greatest fans from germany, Sebastian I love you!!!!
I love the show! =)
great show
I love your show so much. I think you should have a child on the show like a mini viki pollard if will be well funny. And Andy a girlfriend.
Anne Siebeck
Sebastian: Gimme moore!!!
I like your show so much! And as many fans here, i say, David, you are very good looking!! ;) Greetings, Debby
awesome funny stuff
Greetings from Germany! I love your show and David: Your are a very attractiv man! Best wishes, Stefanie.
Hello, i am a german girl! I love the show very much. it is so fantastic or a quotation by the german dubbing: eine orale ekstase (that says lou). David is looking very well;)
Greetings from an italian guy, who lives in Spain and watches Little Britain weekly on the german TV ... you are superfunny!!! I love the show! Make more and more and more episodes, please!
Peter Boucher
I am a great fan and I love to see your every day at Comedy Central greetings from germany and a happy new year peter
A HUGE HUG for LITTLE BRITAIN, or rather for Matt and David. Have a great New Year, you geniuses! May I add that the German synch done by Oliver Kalkofe and Oliver Welke is excellent, and comes very close to the original.
Yeah but... No but...
ooo mah god! i luff little britain tis the best i watch it all the time and mah dad sed that i cud be vicky cus im always sayin stuff like dont give meh evils. anyway all yhoo peeps hu ave msn add meh on sugar-tastic@hotmail.co.uk for tah best fwiend evaaa luffin yhoo all...xxx
One of my teachers at university showed us some episodes last year, I fell in love with Little Britain humour immediately and finally Italian tv provided the show this winter. Great! Now my problem is... I fell in love with Sebastian...
You are great: I speak English quite well, but of course I can't get everything especially in characters such as "Vicky Pollard" I whish I could find a DVD with Italian subtitles. Anyway you are GREAT!
Hey! Greetings from Germany! Little britain is great!
Hey! Greetings from Germany! Little britain is great!
Hey! Greetings from Germany! Little britain is great!
Walter / Haarlem / Netherlands
Little Britain is great!! David and Matt are fantastic actors.
Simon Reid
Hello from Australia! Loved Little Britain Live!
I love Little Brittain. I think David Walliams and Matt Lucas are hilarious, and so original. all my love from New Jersey and Puerto Rico.
hi! i just want to say that i love little britain so much. greetings from germany
Sweden loves you!
... from North Germany: LOVE LB!!!
Hello there david and matt iv just been watching my faourite clip of yours on youtube and noticed this webcite, just a note to say hello and im loving the show. yours sencerly kelly xxx
Hi Matt and David, you are so very funny. In Germany are only the series I and II on television. Is one of the best comedy series I`ve ever seen before. Lou aund Andy, Vicky, Daffyd, and Majorie are my favorite charakters. I want to ask how I can get an autogramm of you both comedians. My internetcode is ronnyrink@aol.com. Greetings from Solingen, Germany Martina
Hi David and Matt! I love Little Britain it's the best show ever! And congrats to David for swimming the Channel. Bye, keep up the good work xxx
why are people saying Hi David and Hi Matt, they probably don't even know this site exists!
Hi David and Matt! My two great comedian and I see Little Britain totally happy. Keep it up. David, you can also look really attractive, if you are not dressed ;-) Many greetings from Germany.
Hello David and Matt, I love your comedy. One of my favorites is the boy what is falling in love to the grandma of his friend. And Vicky Pollard of course. The only gay in the village is exellent as well (especially the part with the aids-test :-)). Love you and good on you..........
I love your site... it's nice and kind... well.. I was looking for the address, but you just have the one, where I can get an autogramm... I want to write a letter to David... do you know the right address for me? I want David to read my letter and not just to sign something... please I need help... best wishes from germany Love,wiebke
M Hamilton
Has anyone approached you about a run on Broadway? It would be a hit!
Billie Knight
Matt and David; I'm from Canada, and I have watched every episode of Little Britain. I think that you are both gifted comedians and I love the show. I look forward to your new production on HBO. Thank You for all the laughter.
Boyfriend and I love the series and hope to see you live soon! :)
you guys are well out or order!!
Hi @all.i came from germany and im so happy that the new episodes from little brittain are now in german tv. ive wait sooo long and now they are^^ spezial thanks to matt and david,the show is great,one of the best shows i ever seen thx for it
You've got a video of Ivor :'( Ahhh! Ivor used to watch videos Class
Wendy Whalen-Rhodenizer
Matt & Dave, May I just say that the two of you are comic geniuses and I am so impressed with the variety of characters you both play. You are absolutely brilliant and I adore "Little Britain"! Bubbles and Desiree are my all -time faves,it just goes to show how dedicated to your craft you both are if you are willing to endure the discomfort you must feel while having to wear those fat suits. It must be unbearable at times or should I say,unBAREable) My hat is off to whoever designs and creates all your costumes and wigs for the show,they are incredibly talented! I watch your show here in Nova Scotia,Canada on BBCK and the Showcase channels. As well, I watch all the episodes everyday on Youtube so I can have my "Little Britain" fix in between TV airings. I am and always will be your number 1 fan.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me laugh even during this very rough time in my life. All the best ! ~WENDY~
Hi, imj from germany and i love little britain. some minutes ago i saw a episode of little britain with robbie williams. i hope we can soon see it in german. i love emily howard, vicky and the guy who loves the old woman. bye. i love your show... you are great!
i love little britan i watch it every night i ghot all your seris on dvd and vicky pollard and lou nd andy are my favourite we sang i would roll 500 miles in our play it was gr8
I meant to say I looooVE Lou and Andy...I left out the "V" and the "E"
I love Little Britain. I watch it online ALL THE TIME!!!!! I loooooo Lou and Andy and Dafffyd Thomas. "Yeah, I know" hilarious!! :D
I love your show and I want to meet you!!
i love little britan its my favirote tv show and im only 9 years old
I LOVE LITTLE BRITAIN! Here in Germany it's shown on Comedy Central. It's the best comedy ever!
I watched Little Britain Live at the Manchester MEN, and enjoyed every minute of it! My favourite sketch must be Margaret, with her almost instant (not) reply, to the funny, very specific requests to the shop keeper. "Computer says no" and "Eh,eh,eh" are my favourite catch phrases.
i love little britain, too. vicky pollard is one of my favourite character. she`s amazing XDD I`m waiting for a new season in Germany. best wishes sanne
oh i love the show Little Britain,but in germany theres is no new stuff.i look the new episodes from internet,in english and i hope they came in german too.I love the characters Lou and Andy.Vicky Pollard
Amy pitman.
i love this website but if you are going to do an impression of your self try harder then then the people who have done it on this because they are sooooo rubish. amy 11
Hannah Sharp :))
Hey David and Matt, Love the show and I think all your characters are amazing.. I especially love Sebastian and Vicky :)) You are both super talented and, David, you're very cute :)) Also David, congrats on swimming the Channel and raising all that money for Comic Relief.. always wanted to do something like that :)) Anyway, good luck with everything and thanks a whole lot for giving me a great laugh Love Hannah xx :))
Hi. Saw Little Britain on TV, got the DVD, now I'm addicted :-). Brilliant show!
Thank god...there you are! Finally "Little Britain" has entered germany...again: THANK GOD! I've never seen anything funny like this before. Humor is back! I hope one day you'll come to germany, so I can see you live!
Hey!!! I'm from Germany and I love this show!!! It's fantastic!!! I think David Walliams is cute^^ KEEP ON!!!
I like your show very mutch...You are the best in comedy=)) Are you ever comming to Norway???? Il hope you do;);)
We love you in Hungary as well! Best comedy show ever! :) Eh-eh-ehhhh...
Mick Sebo
The funniest bloody show I have ever seen, really clever skits. You blokes are the most talented comedy duo ever.

Hi guys!! I love little britain really much! They are so funny!
Dorothee Blauth
Hey! I love LITTLE BRITAIN! Your show is very cool!!! David is so sweet!
Paul Whitaker - Toronto
One of the most hilarious shows I have ever seen in my life!!! All I can say is: Ya but, no but, ya but no but!!! - amazing!!!
Shannon Bradbury
I love little britain lou and andy are my favorite
Isla Knox
Hey guys, i think you are brilliant and I love your work. P.S David you are just georgous!!! xx
Emma Reeves
Little britan is funny and andy is the best
Alex Cusack
Well done guys keep up the good work