date | 23/12/2009


We would like to wish all our visitors a very Happy Christmas and an even better New Year.


After a long holiday the Topsites are now back online. If you run a site and appeared on our old Topsites you will need to re-add your site.

Your probably wondering why we've readded them seeing as most Little Britain sites are drying up and dying (pretty much like this one, which hasn't had any new material since LB USA!). We've noticed recently that the topsites setup by fan Joe Leslie we're no longer working and thought we'd throw some back up online. We don't aim to remove the site any time soon but updates will come if and when we hear something.

date | 09/06/2007


Unfortunately we've had to remove the topsites section of this website.

Sorry for the sudden removal but due to a problem with the script that ran the topsites it was causing a major strain on our hosts which had to be dealt with accordingly.

We apologise and encourage you to contact us if you would like us to place a link to your site via ours, on our links page.

date | 17/05/2007

Lets try again...

As you may have noticed the site is now back online. I just wanted to quickly explain why it was offline and why I decided to put it back online again.

Firstly the site went down a month or two ago when I was playing with a database which runs the site. I thought I'd made a backup of the site incase something went wrong and I hadn't so when it did go wrong I had no way of putting the site back online.

Over the last month or so I really regretted my actions and decided shortly after the outage that there was no point bringing the site back as it's not updated much these days.

On Wednesday 16th May 2007 I decided that the site was still online just not functioning correctly and that I would attempt to get it back online mainly as a kind of archive for people to watch old clips etc.

At the moment everything is working but I do however need to re-add all the characters to the 'Characters' section of the site as it's empty at the moment.

Thanks for sticking with us and sorry for the outages.